Harmony Centre Owen Sound

Leigh and Frank Greaves Honoured

October 7, 2023

Contrary to common belief, Leigh and Frank Greaves do not own Harmony Centre and never have. It is owned by a Canadian charitable corporation that has complete control over it’s governance and finance. Leigh and Frank, however, were the initiators and founders and have been the ever-present energy behind it’s growth and success. This year, Harmony Centre has honoured them by naming the largest event space in the building the Leigh and Frank Greaves Auditorium.

The plaque marking this change reads as follows:

“This room is named to honour Leigh and Frank Greaves for their leadership in founding Harmony Centre Owen Sound, and for their tireless effort and commitment to making it the thriving social and cultural centre and invaluable community resource it has since become.”

We cannot thank the Greaves enough for creating and sustaining this remarkable social enterprise and giving Owen Sound a place to Share • Create • Educate * Perform.

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