Harmony Centre Owen Sound

singing in harmony

February 13, 2024

If you love to sing, Harmony Centre is the place for you. We have 3 choirs meeting weekly and a talented vocal coach giving lessons to get you started or refine your talents.

Coco Love Alcorn will begin her live choir, The Wonderland Singers, at Harmony Centre on Mondays in March. This is a non-auditioned, local, in-person community choir. The group will be singing a mix of Coco’s songs, cover songs, and music of the moment; focusing on folk, soul, and spirit lifting music. Songs will be taught by ear. Anyone who loves to sing is invited to take part. More info here.

Rock the Sound Choir led by Holly Sled is a diverse and inclusive community-based choir, creating harmonies in the genres of classic rock, pop, and modern music. This choir meets on Sundays at Harmony Centre. Come experience the power of music which unites people of all walks of life. More info here.

Under the direction of Norm Reintamm, the Georgian Bay Concert Choir rehearses Tuesdays at Harmony Centre. Originally formed as a group of singers to accompany the Georgian Bay Symphony in some of the Christmas choruses from Handel’s Messiah, the GBCC became a larger four-part ensemble to perform the major works of the music repertoire. More info here.

And finally, we have Grace McRae, best known for her work with the Roxy Young Company and youth theatre camps, giving vocal lessons weekly at Harmony Centre. If you are interested in any aspect of vocal training, get in touch with Grace g_mcrae@hotmail.com.

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