Carlos del Junco and the Blues Mongrels

Eclectic roots/blues/folk/jazz concert featuring Carlos del Junco harmonica and vocals, Eric St. Laurent on guitar, and Henry Heillig on bass.

Get ready to trash all you thought you knew about the harmonica. Carlos and his Blues Mongrels deliver a no-holds-barred display of fun and melodic virtuosity. To say he plays the harmonica is like saying “Jimi Hendrix plays guitar”. He blows the blues harp through a prism — suddenly it seems he’s holding every colour in the musical rainbow right there in his hands.

Simultaneously sophisticated and raw, his playing blurs the boundaries between blues and jazz (hence the name for his band “The Blues Mongrels”). The emphasis is on blues, but Carlos and his band are not afraid to merrily traipse off in other directions delivering a seamless fusion of New Orleans second line grooves, swing, Latin, ska melodies, to swampy roots rock.

If you’re sorry you missed him last year, you get another chance!  If you did catch him last year you’ll want another chance!!

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