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Harmony Centre is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from various sectors of our community. Meeting once a month and working in-between on various committees and projects, these enthusiastic volunteers shape the future of Harmony while preserving its grand historic building... read more

Left to right: Ed Matthews, Chris Doyle, Christie Leeder, Kit Pineau , Isolde Cunningham, Meg Dean, Lynda Chiotti, Kevin Moyse 

Missing: Sandy Stevenson, Barry Randall, 

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Meet the Other Volunteers

Here are just a few examples of the amazing volunteers who make Harmony Centre Owen Sound a reality.

Thursday Morning Volunteer Cleaning Crew

Every Thursday, a dedicated group of volunteers meet here to contribute their weekly scrub to keep this historic building spotless for our community groups and rentals, after which they enjoy hot coffee and warm company. If you are interested in joining the weekly cleaning crew, or just coming in one morning to help out, please give us a shout and we can forward you the details for the week! Many, many thanks to our stalwart cleaner Rhiannon Lewis!

Tuesday Morning Volunteer Maintenance and Renovation Crew

On Tuesday mornings at Harmony Centre, our work crew of volunteers is in the building working hard to renovate this space into a safe, functional and comfortable venue. Through various masonry repairs, paint jobs, carpets layed, pianos moved, windows fixed, cabinets moved and organ removal, our work crew continues to make this building a fun and comfortable place in which to create and share. If you are interested in joining the weekly work crew, or just coming in one morning to help out, please let us know and we will get you in the loop! No expertise required, we learn and try to contribute as best we can. Many thanks to Frank Greaves who is our captain-in-chief for this crew!

Ushering Opportunities

Our vibrant concert hall can accommodate over 700 seats, which means lots of tickets and lots of bodies. For all of our concerts here at Harmony Centre, we have trained volunteer ushers to assist with events. If you would like to join our volunteer ushers roster, please contact us and we will arrange a time for you to get a tour of the full facility, training, and you can try on the glamorous usher's safety vests (only come in bright yellow!). This type of generous contribution of your time benefits all of our resident groups, as they are required to have 4-6 ushers for each concert. And, you get in for free!

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.
– Unknown

Bill Chadwick
Bill Chadwick of Newmarket donated two full days of labour to re-face the planter pillars outside the 9th Street doors, re-point some brickwork, caulk cracks in the concrete skirting, and put fresh bitumen around our foundation to keep water from infiltrating the basement. Not only that, but he has made a financial donation to Harmony Centre as well! We are very grateful that Bill shows his support for Harmony Centre in such a meaningful way. Thank you, Bill!
Holiday Season Cleaning Crew
Board-member Pamela Vair sent out a call for help in prepping the building to welcome holiday season concert audiences after our ramp-building project in the Concert Hall. They dusted and polished for a solid two hours, tidying the whole building, then enjoyed lunch together. Many thanks to Elizabeth Harris, Earla Sanz, Alisa Van Wyck, Penny Vair, Shirley Holmes, Loreen Cummings, Margaret Anderson, Ruth Scheel, and Tim Pointon.
Accessibility Ramp Project
Over the last few months, we have replaced an old mechanical wheelchair lift with a permanent ramp that connects the concert hall with the boardroom and studio. Members of the Tuesday morning work crew have been ingenious in reusing trim and woodwork from old pews and rails, and matching the old with the new. Bill Haley, Dan Reid, Murray Smith, Jim Hastie, Ralph Suke, Sebastian Ostertag, Richard Askwith, and Frank Greaves have done a great job - thanks so much!
Tuesday Morning Work Crew
After taking a break for the summer months, this bunch of willing workers (some are pictured above) are back on Tuesday mornings at 9, ready to tackle just about anything! Like Demolition; Building; Painting; Yard Work; Piano Moving (!); Tidying; Small Repairs; and Dump Runs. All this and more while enjoying each other's company, bad jokes, and coffee. Thanks, guys!
Preserving this place for our community to share, create, educate, and perform!​

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